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We present Demon Avatar Icons 64×64 Pixel Art. The collection includes demons: cthulhu, succubi, followers, cult leaders, mercenaries, warriors, sorcerers, guardians, pathfinders, fauns, elderly, adults, and young. Many have individual features such as horns from eyes, wings, pyrokinesis, bone control, etc. Each of them has personal hairstyles, unique horns, weapons, clothes, faces and expressions, and even different skin tones. With the help of this collection of icons, you can easily add new pixel antagonists and ideally join the ranks of quest characters or create a level or part of the world (for example, hell) inhabited by evil spirits. You can also use them for RPG adventures, text novels, action platformers, rogues, MMORPs, CRPGs, etc. The set includes 4 pictogram formats: simple in color, shadows and highlights, background, and a 1-bit version with outline color. To edit them, use any raster graphics editor, such as Adobe Photoshop.

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 48 characters;
  • Format: PSD and PNG;
  • Resolution: 64×64.

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