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Do you want to your customer or your user that could keep track your resources? Or Do you want your products be stand-out? If you ever think that, we support you with this add-on.

This add-on is aimed to create a wishlist for each of shopping people as they wish. By doing this, the resources might be desired for a long time. Other users could sense the temptation of that resource and buy it if they want. It is an amazing tool to stimulate sales and advertising on your site.

As an administrator, you could adjust the wish list of users and follow it to research about the market need.

Key Feature(s):
  • View and add owned wishlist under resource tab
  • Share wishlist to others users (Coming Soon)
  • Privacy System so users can choose who may see there wishlist NEW!
  • Usergroup permission can manage wishlist, view own/any wishlists
  • resource wishlist on account page NEW!
  • REST API endpoints NEW!
  • Support XenForo Resource Manager 2.2 or newer

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