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Before you 3 Enemy Character Sprite Set. The set contains three animated multi-level characters. Use them as high level enemies or bosses. Animated sprites contain 4 types of actions: walk, idle, shot or hit, dead. All of them are made in the same style with similar parts of ammunition and head. Also, each of them is original and includes its own special type of attack: the thug wields a grenade launcher, the smallest one fights in close combat with a stick, the middle one has a spidery cyber-suit and a cannon.

Use the original modification of robots, transform, or combine them with each other in any vector editor. Change the color scheme or add new details to the robots. Expand all the perspectives of using vector graphics and animation. Create new unique characters or new actions.

  • Graphics: 2D, vector;
  • Quantity: 3 characters and 4 actions;
  • Archive with files: AI, EPS, PNG.
Please pay attention. The location is not included. It is shown for demonstration purposes.
Demo animation:


Please note that this graphics was created by a third-party artist. has bought perpetual rights to publish and sell (free download for premium users). If you download the graphics here, it is licensed from Craftpix:



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