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Basement Tileset Pixel Art is a collection perfect for developers of basement 2D video game projects. Use this set to create new levels, unique landscapes and mysterious locations. Immerse your players in an exciting atmosphere of adventure by creating seamless visual effects.

The collection consists of:
  • Tiles (70 elements);
  • Background (day/night);
  • Objects (pipe, box, decoration, illumination);
  • Animated objects (card, money, smoke).

Use animated objects to create a realistic look for any level or game. All elements can be modified in Adobe Photoshop or other suitable editors. You can use the whole set in any popular game engines, for example: Construct 3, Corona, Construct 2, etc.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Formats: PNG, PSD;
  • Animation: sprite sheets.
Demo animation:



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