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We present to your attention a perfectly prepared Blood Mage Icons 32×32 Pixel Art. It contains many amazing icons that convey all the special skills of a blood mage, one of the rarest and most dangerous magicians. All 48 icons are prepared in a unique pixel art style and in the popular 32×32 resolution. Among them, it is necessary to highlight such skills as: blood bonds, reborn phoenix, bow and arrows made of blood, summoning a demon, healing, bloody trail, incineration, puppeteer, blood pact and many other unique abilities that are ready to make your game more interesting and varied.

Be sure to use this set to show all the strength and power of the ancient blood mage, capable of destroying anyone he doesn’t like. With its help you can create an exciting fantasy, turn-based strategy, quest, adventure or card game, battle, RPG, MMO and much more. And if you need to make some changes, for example scaling or changing the color scheme of the icons, then you need to use any graphic editor. For example, Adobe Photoshop will allow you to work with all the file types you find here.

  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 32×32;
  • Quantity: 48 Icons.

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