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To improve the effectiveness and epicness of your game, this Cartoon Fire Flame Animation Sprite Set has been prepared. It has enough different fire effects to help you maximize the variety of game levels and make battles or their aftermath more effective and visually appealing. Here, you can find flames of various shapes, colors and even sizes, including the usual orange-hued fire that could come from an explosion, the blue and green fire of powerful black magicians, fireballs that an archer can throw and much more. Use this set to fill your world with amazing battles, the grandeur of which will go off scale and attract the attention of thousands of new players.

In addition, you can easily use this set in many popular genres of modern 2D games, including runners, platformers, turn-based strategies, adventures, battles, sidescrollers and others. And also, it has excellent adaptability. So it will be easy to integrate into game engines, like Buildbox, GameMaker, Phaser, Godot. If you like this set, but you just need to refine some of its elements, then you can use Adobe Illustrator or any other vector editor that can work with AI and EPS files.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS.
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