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Here are Citizen Chibi Character Sprites for your game project. This is a good set that can be used to create various themed 2D games. For example, using it, you can diversify your NPCs or generally give the player the opportunity to play as an ordinary commoner.

This set contains 3 high-quality characters:
  • A man with black hair and a gray shirt;
  • A man in a cap and a brown vest;
  • A man with long hair and a blue shirt.

You can also use these characters as full antagonists for a medieval themed project. For example, those who rebelled against the reign of the king. Also, each character has its own animation of movements, which was developed in the Spriter program. In addition, the archive stores individual parts of the character’s body, which can be easily edited and combined with each other. Adobe Illustrator is the best vector editor for this.

  • Quantity: 3 characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.
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