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Introducing this superbly crafted Colorful Cartoon Characters Asset Sprite Pack. It is ready to assist both novice and experienced 2D game developers in creating an iconic game of the 21st century. Here, you can find three superbly composed characters. They combine excellent graphics with amazing motion animations, making them highly adaptable to today’s popular gaming genres, including runners, platformers, quests, strategies, survival games, action games, adventures, RPGs, and other genres. Among the characters are:

  • The most dangerous ninja, with long hair;
  • A cute girl in glasses with a heavy hammer;
  • Fighting girl, in a pink suit.

Use this set to create a truly worthy game world for your audience, in which it will be interesting to fight together, side by side with these characters, extracting new resources or simply exploring the environment. In addition, you can use any editor that works with vector graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator. Using it, you can easily resize assets, add new details, or completely redesign the color scheme.

  • Quantity: 3 Characters;
  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, Spine.
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