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This is a cXF Pack A Membership Add-on. Upgrade your account to cXF Pack A Membership for:
  • 1-year access to all cXF Pack A Membership Add-ons for XenForo 2
  • 1-year access to all cXF Premium Customizations for XenForo 2
If you got our add-ons on websites other than customizexf.com or xenforo.com, then you got them on pirated sites. If so, we suggest you remove the add-on from the server and download it from the original site. Please, support the developers and fight piracy!

Add a notice at the top of the forum about installing the mobile app with some extra features.

  • add a notice to the top of your forum about installing the mobile app
  • option to change the notice style in style properties (based on predefined XenForo notice styles with an option to add custom CSS)
  • option to change the default GIF image for iOS explanation
  • option to remove the install banner in the mobile menu
  • user permissions to hide notice

Database changes

This add-on adds extra column (cxf_ian) to xf_user_option table in database. This is required to store the settings for each user


< variant with a predefined style: primary >

< variant with a predefined style: accent >

< variant with a predefined style: dark >

< variant with a predefined style: light >

< option for users to hide notice >

< install app notice with Hide button >

... the Hide button points to account preferences :

... you must first set permissions:

(for an Unregistered group, leave the permission set to No, as the settings for them cannot be saved)
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