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Add different thread information blocks to the thread view's sidebar. These blocks give you a brief overview of some important information about the thread starter and the thread itself. This can be useful if you are using it in a private support node. I use this add-on at customizeXF.com as part of my DIY ticket system but use your imagination how you would like to use it.

Check DEMO on our forum

  • display three blocks of information (thread starter information, thread information and thread tags) in the sidebar of the thread view, based on the permissions of the user group.
  • in the options for this add-on, you need to select the forum nodes to display the blocks
  • Email, Time zone and Last seen fields in the thread starter block are only visible to the thread starter, moderators and administrators
  • in the thread information block, you can click on a prefix to open the thread edit form, where you can easily change the thread prefix or thread title (useful if you use the thread prefix as the thread status, as I do with the DIY ticket system).
  • you can edit three phrases for this add-on
  • in question type nodes the unsolved/solved field is displayed (check the screenshots below)
  • option to remove the thread description under the thread title
  • if you hover over the thread starter avatar or username the member tooltip is displayed
  • when the starter thread is online, an indicator is displayed (if the user has set it to be visible)
  • it also works with our [cXF] Sticky Sidebar





< in question type nodes an extra field is displayed: unsolved >

... and solved:

(if you click on the View solution link it takes you to the solution post)