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Here are unique and high quality Daemon Monster RPG Icons. They are perfect for most modern fantasy 2D game developers. Here you will find a huge selection of 48 high-quality icons of terrible monsters that have emerged from the darkest corners of hell. Goat-headed primates, dangerous scorpions, fiery skeletons, patrons of the night in the form of demonic birds, three-headed monsters, worms, centipedes, mythical soul eaters with a mouth instead of a belly, multi-armed and multi-faced monsters, gargoyles, hydras and many other terrifying and blood-chilling demons.

Use this set to create a world where the player will have to go through many terrible quests, fight against the generals of hell who rebelled against people in order to free humanity from intruders. Thanks to high-quality graphics, you can easily apply these icons to many popular genres of modern 2D games, including RPG, runner, MMO-RPG, fighting, strategy, card games, adventure, survival, horror and many others. And using graphic editors like Adobe Illustrator, you can easily integrate additional details, change the color scheme, size, or add a personal name to each monster.

  • Quantity: 48 different icons;
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector;
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.

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