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DragonByte Social Groups is a highly advanced social group management add-on for XenForo, containing advanced features such as fine-tuned permissions, a fully featured posting interface, and an invitation system.

Fully integrated with XenForo 2, DragonByte Social Groups takes advantage of all built-in XenForo 2 functionality like Reactions, Reports, Warnings and more.


DragonByte Social Groups is perfect for any forum that wants to allow members to create clubs, teams or similar special interest areas, allowing users a space where they can discuss their passion without needing the admins to manually create a forum.

Administrators control who can create social groups, how many they can create, and what permissions are accessible to the creator and the "supervisors" (moderators) of social groups.

Social group creators can upload an icon as well as a banner, set a group description as well as optionally add a list of rules any potential member will need to accept before joining.

Extended Product Information

Your social group, your way: Members can create social groups that have one of four privacy levels: Public (Anyone may view the discussion list, and the discussion content), Closed (Anyone may view the discussion list, but only members may view the discussion content), Private (Only members may view the discussion list and discussion content), and Hidden (Only members may view the social group or any of its content).

Administrator control: The ability for administrators to fine-tune who can access what part of the system is comparable to that of XenForo. All of the above social group types can be disabled via the user group permissions, either for all user groups or only for special groups. Want to make Hidden groups a premium feature that requires an active user upgrade? You can do that!

Moderator oversight: You can grant your moderators the "Edit any social group" permission, which allows them to see and change all social groups on your site, even the Hidden ones. Your staff will always be able to have the appropriate level of oversight to ensure everything is above board.

Fine-tuned permissions: Not only can you as the administrator control who can create social groups, and what privacy level they can add, but you can also control the permissions given to social group creators, and the maximum permissions they can delegate to their group supervisors. Don't want to allow hard-deleting content? Simply untick that permission from social group creators and supervisors while setting up the addon, and when it's time to go live, that permission will be closed off from them.

Customisable: Social group creators can upload icons and banners (if permitted by the user group permissions), allowing them to truly make their social group their own. Group admins can also add a description and a set of rules that must be accepted before joining. They can require all members to be manually approved by themselves or a group supervisor, or even turn off new members joining the group altogether.

Familiar user interface: Because DragonByte Social Groups uses a similar interface to XenForo's regular thread/post system, users will instantly be familiar with how to use the software. Posting to a social group will feel as natural as posting anywhere else on your site.

Import existing content: You can import your existing social groups from Nobita's Social Groups add-on.

Full XenForo 2 Integration: Features integration with the Search, Reactions, Watch system, News Feed, Inline Moderation & more!
  • Alerts
  • Approval Queue
  • Attachment
  • BB Code
  • Bookmarks
  • Edit History
  • Email Stop system for opting out of emails
  • "Find New" content handler
  • Inline Moderation
  • Moderator Log
  • News Feed
  • Permissions
  • Reactions
  • Reporting
  • Search engine (including ElasticSearch)
  • Sitemap
  • Tagging
  • Warning
  • Watch
  • Widget

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