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Before you – Demon Characters Full-Length Pixel Art. Forget about the outdated notion of demons as characters who are inapplicably supposed to be on the dark side of evil. Use them as quest NPCs or even allied heroes. In addition to the full-size models of the demons, graphic game assets include additional icons with their faces in different expressions. Use antagonists for 2D pixel art games such as text novels, action platformers, card games, MMORPGs, Rogue RPGs, Action-RPGs, or CRPGs.

This collection of eight demons includes representatives of various classes, ages, and genders, as follows:
  • A blind fortune teller with a divination sphere, a blindfold, and a third eye;
  • A mercenary with black wings, paws instead of legs, a treasure map, and a smoking pipe;
  • A demoness girl in a neat dress with flames, tiny wings, tail, and horns;
  • An old strict warden-keeper of knowledge with a fan;
  • A learned mage writer with enormous red wings, a tail, and four horns;
  • An artisan blacksmith with a mallet and in a leather apron and belt bag for tools;
  • A four-eyed brute with huge wings in the usual clothes of a city dweller;
  • A one-eyed old man in a belted shirt with four horns, a beard, long hair, and a staff.

Additional nested avatars include 4 types of emotions: provocation-grin, friendliness-calmness, anger-wrath, and laughter-joy.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Quantity: 8 characters, 4 emotion icons;
  • Format: PNG, PSD.

Please note that this set includes characters only. Everything that is shown in the preview besides the characters is made for demonstration purposes.


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