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Introducing the Demon Loot Icons 32×32 Pixel Art Set. The game asset archive includes: the skull, hammer, spellbook, ink with heather, pouch with gold, locket, a ring with sapphire, torn out heart, half face mask, oil lantern, trident in whole and damaged condition, big old bag, ritual knife, spider, ring, scroll with blood, broken pince-nez, leather gloves, deer remains (bones and skull), equipment, clothes, and accouterment (chest armor, greaves, sabatons, cape), demon hand, herbs, poisons, mushrooms, golden key, fangs, tail, horns, and ears of the devil, and more. You can easily implement this set into any 2D game in genres such as text novels, card games, as well as various types of RPG (action, rogue, MMORP, CRPG) and other types of action platformers. Use devil loot for your class in the game and delight players with dark magic items, add dark fantasy atmosphere for a better game experience. Use Adobe Photoshop to modify the design. Edit icon graphics and color schemes, transform them and apply additional effects.

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 48 pieces;
  • Format: Archive with files: PSD, PNG;
  • Resolution: 32×32.

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