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Introducing the exclusive Desert Objects Top Down Pixel Art Collection. This carefully crafted range is a valuable asset for 2D game developers in a variety of genres such as RPGs, runners, fighting games, strategy games, turn-based games, quests and more. Immerse yourself in a variety of high-quality resources, including a diversity of elements: twisted tall trees; low shrubs; the remains of dead beings; blooming cacti; bright flowers; mysterious mythical statues; dwellings of a mysterious tribe; skeletal remains; spiders; scorpions; an impressive leaderboard tree and much more. Discover this treasure trove of pixel art designed to enhance the visual appeal of your game world and captivate players.

This variety will allow you to create a unique and engaging level several times faster and easier, which players will have to overcome by going through many traps, dangers and tasks from NPCs. In addition, at any stage, you can easily change the entire structure of this package. For example, using Adobe Photoshop, you can resize elements, place new details on huts, and more. Moreover, it easily adapts to modern game engines, such as Construct 3, GameSalad, Solar 2D.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.

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