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Here is a high-quality and unique Desert Tileset Top Down Pixel Art. It has all the necessary resources to create a high-quality and popular 2D game. This set is a treasure trove for developers, because here you can find: a lot of level tiles (32×32), various animated objects (water, graves, sand, etc.), vegetation (including grass, flowers and cacti), decorative elements, spiral trees, seedlings, young and healthy oak trees, mysterious gates, palm trees, skeletons of unique species, pyramids, ruined sand buildings, totems and many other useful graphics. All animated elements are stored as sprite sheets.

Create a world filled with strange creatures, a new race that flooded the desert, in which the majestic player will have to go through all the hardships and suffering in order to achieve the desired result. Thanks to the popular Pixel Art style, you can easily match with any popular genre of 2D games. RPGs, runners, turn-based strategies, survival, MMO-RPGs, quests, and it’s especially good for the Top Down genre. In addition, you can easily edit and change the appearance and general structure of each element in this package. For example, change the color, scale or reduce the size of tiles, integrate gate lighting, and much more. For this, a simple Adobe Photoshop editor is suitable for you.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.
Demo animation:




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