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You can free Force Custom User Field Completion after Registration or Login

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Force Custom User Field Completion allows you to select any custom user field, new or old, and force your visitors to complete the field before continuing to browse your forums.

This is a great tool if you want to keep your registration form clean and simple, but have important custom user fields that your members need to complete.

This is a great tool if you've recently added a new field that you need your existing membership to complete.

You are also able to force the follow default non-required Xenforo personal fields, including:
  • Any custom fields created for your community
  • Avatar
  • Date of Birth
  • Location
  • Website
  • About You
  • Force field completion after login (before user is able to continue to browse forums)
  • Or, "Wait X Days" after registration to enforce completion of fields
    • Set the number of days to wait after registration before forcing fields
  • Users are forwarded to the user preference page
    • Users are given a list of what fields they are required to complete
  • Administrators can select any custom user field to force (old or newly added)
  • Administrators can select any user group(s) to ignore
  • Administrators can enable "check every page request" to ensure fields are never left blank
    • Or, what we recommend, disable and keep it to "once per session"
    • This feature is enabled by default for testing, but can be disabled for live sites
  • Fields must be "User editable" in order to be selected in the addon options
  • Fields are considered empty if the field value is blank/empty