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The Forest Top-Down Tileset Pixel Art is a versatile sprite set that allows game developers to create beautiful forest locations. You can use it in various genres such as RPG, adventures, quests, tower defense, and more. The set includes a range of elements such as various level tiles (grass, mud, water), different tree types (fallen, stump, spruce, birch, oak), stones, ancient building ruins, rocks, and water lilies that can be easily combined with other components to create diverse forest scenes. In addition to these static components, the pack also includes animated elements like rivers and lakes, which can add a unique and immersive touch to the game environment. This sprite set is perfect for developers who want to create an engaging and authentic world for their game.

To further personalize your forest scenes, you can make changes to this pack by altering the colors of trees, leaves, and vegetation to create new looks and make your forest landscape appear more original and unique. To do so, you can use a graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop, which provides a range of tools and features for editing pixelated images.

  • Format: PNG, PSD;
  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art.

The size of one ground (water) tile is 16×16.
The archive contains sheets of sprites.

Demo animation:




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