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Introducing the fun Game Character for 2D Platformer. It is perfect for dynamic video games. For example, as the main character, who has to go through dangerous locations and defeat enemies. The character has a ready-made animation. It is made in the form of separate sprites. The animation was created in the Spriter program.
The graphics are vector. In the vector editor, you can change the colors of the character, remove unnecessary elements, increase or decrease the size, and much more.
In the archive you will find body parts of the character. They are needed if you are going to create animation for your tasks.

  • Celebrate;
  • Climb;
  • Die;
  • Get hit;
  • Hit;
  • Idle;
  • Idle with gun;
  • Jetpack;
  • Jump;
  • Run;
  • Slide;
  • Snorkeling;
  • Walk with gun;
  • Walk.
Demo animation:


  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, SCML
  • Graphics: 2D, vector.

Please note that this graphics was created by a third-party artist. has bought perpetual rights to publish and sell (free download for premium users). If you download the graphics here, it is licensed from Craftpix:


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