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Create new mysterious adventures with Ghosts Isometric Tileset. Frightening, but at the same time interesting and mysterious ghosts isometric tileset. The collection is perfect for creating themed levels, new tasks, creative quests or for a whole RPG adventure. The set consists of the following tiles: 3 types of different trees (two dry and one simple), skulls, ghosts, tombstones, directional signs, wooden stairs and bridges, totems, tiles of different biomes, tiles of different colors with numbers from 1 to 10 and others. This tileset will allow you to create a “frightening”, but at the same time involving and interesting quest, task, new level, diversify your game content. Thanks to this, the players will play your project with even greater pleasure.

Edit, change the color, make it look even more “scary”, change the design (in whole or in part). You can do it in any convenient vector editor, for example, Adobe Illustrator.

  • Graphics: 2D, Isometry;
  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG.

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