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Graffiti Constructor Pixel Art Pack 2 is here! This is the second set of elements that can be used to create interesting graffiti. The number of options depends only on your imagination. Graffiti will help you diversify the location in the game well. For example, ghetto area, basketball court, skate park, etc.

In the set you will find:
  • Numbers and letters;
  • Small decorative elements;
  • Elements for creating a background.

Please pay attention! To create graffiti like in the examples, you need an editor that works with PSD files and layers. For example, Adobe Photoshop. Initially, all objects are made in white (except textures). You can change the entire tone scheme or each color individually. Thanks to pixel art, it will be especially easy for you to do this.

The archive contains the following formats: PSD, PNG.


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