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You can free Ignore Content

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Take control of your experience: ignore forums, threads, tags, conversations, and users with ease.

Ignore Forums

  • Allows users to ignore specific forums and hide their content.
  • Ignored forums will not appear in view.
Ignore Threads
  • Lets users hide unwanted threads from their view.
  • Personalizes experience by allowing users to focus on content they care about.
Ignore Tags
  • Enables users to ignore specific tags and hide related content.
  • Ideal for users not interested in specific topics or categories.
Ignore Conversations
  • Gives users the ability to block specific conversations and keep them hidden.
  • Avoids conversations that are not relevant or of interest.
Ignore Users
  • Allows users to ignore other users and hide their content.
  • Ignored users' content will not show in various locations: widgets, newsfeeds, find news, forum listing, alerts, profile posts, etc...
  • Ideal for avoiding content from users who consistently post material that is not of interest or is potentially offensive.
Conversation Blockers
  • Gives users the power to block unwanted conversations, ensuring they never see them again.
  • Avoids conversations that are repetitive, spammy, or irrelevant.
Privacy: Allow Ignored User to View User Profile
  • Provides users with the option to allow ignored users to view their profile while keeping their content hidden.
  • Gives users full control over their privacy.
Statistics for Forum Owner
  • Provides valuable statistics and insights into how users interact with the platform.
  • Better understanding of user behavior for informed decisions.
Permission Controlled
  • All features of the add-on are permission-controlled.
  • Ensures platform remains safe and user-friendly for all users.