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1.3.1 download the source from the button above

This is a XenForo 2 customisable add-on that allows you to stylise your forum to look modern.

Once installed, select the nodes you want this add-on enabled for via options.

Copyright removal:
A simple copyright is added in the footer of the forum view only. This can be disabled without payment. Head to "Template modifications" and turn the switch off for "PAGE_CONTAINER".

Make a node your homepage:
Admin CP: Setup > Options > Basic options > Index page route > Enter url of the node

Add widgets to the sidebar:
Create a widget, select "Forum view: Sidebar" and add the following in the "Display condition":
in_array($xf.reply.containerKey, ['node-X','node-X'])
Note: Change 'X' with the node ID number. The number found at the end of the URL when viewing the node whether via the frontend or backend. Add as many nodes as you want, followed by a comma as seen in the example above.

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Live example: JoyFreak