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Introducing Letters Chef GUI Assets. Do you want to release a mobile application as soon as possible? Then this is what you need! The cute 2D baby design is fully adapted and ready to use. The collection includes such in-game windows and graphics as: two avatars of cooks (guy and girl), all letters of the alphabet and a space for letters, profile, scores, shop, categories, sub categories, 3 level game, lose, win, wheel, remove ads, start. Thanks to the fact that all levels are divided into categories of cuisines from different countries of the world (american, asian, mexican, italian, thai, spanish, indian, russian, german, argentinian, brasilian and belgium), this will add a lot of variety and will not let your players get bored.
To create more uniqueness, editing is always available to you in any vector graphics editor, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Please note that ready-made pages are available only in vector formats. PNG format has only separate parts.

  • Graphics: 2D, vector;
  • Quantity: 2 chef characters (male and female), 27 game pieces, 13 custom windows;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG.

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