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Here is a high-quality Mage Towers Pixel Art for Tower Defense, which are already prepared for use by 2D game developers. This is a wonderful set that contains many different graphics, including towers of magic (ranging from small earthen altars to huge towers of strong stone), various stages of their development, as well as 3 beautiful mage characters who are ready to do everything in their power to protect their possession. Each of the characters has a large set of unique movement animations, including walk, idle, several attack types, etc. Each element and pixel of this set is well-designed so that you achieve the best possible result in a short line.

Harness the power of this Mage Towers Pixel Art pack to immerse your gaming community in a unique world where they must confront hordes of enemies while safeguarding their domains and royal towers. Embracing the charm of old-school pixel art, this pack allows for easy customization using Adobe Photoshop. Let your creativity soar as you modify the appearance of the towers – adjust their colors, sizes, or add banners to the mages. Make their staffs more realistic, breathing life into your game. This versatile pack caters to a wide range of popular 2D game genres, including RPG, Survival, Runner, Fighting, and Tower Defense. Unlock the potential of this pixel art masterpiece and captivate your players with an unforgettable gaming experience.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.
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