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Before you Main Character for 2D Platformer. This character has a finished animation designed for a dynamic video game. He can attack with firearms, hit enemies with a wooden mallet, run, jump, slide, swim, take off with a rocket pack, celebrate victory, take damage and die. He also has a cheerful assistant – a mischievous dog. Each animation is made from separate PNG sprites. The animation was created in the Spriter program.
The graphics are vector and you can edit them for your task. Another character is divided into parts. This is useful if you want to create your own animation.

  • Files: AI, EPS, PNG, SCML;
  • Graphics: 2D, vector.
Demo animation:


Please note that this graphics was created by a third-party artist. has bought perpetual rights to publish and sell (free download for premium users). If you download the graphics here, it is licensed from Craftpix:


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