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For any popular cyberpunk game project seeking a variety of resources to broaden its scope, we have prepared Melee Weapon 32×32 Icons designed for the Cyberpunk theme. All the graphic elements here are perfect for creating an engaging cyberpunk world where high technology and epic battles for resources meet. Here you will find 40 pixel art weapon icons, including: swords of different lengths, katanas, knives, brass knuckles, axes, crowbar bits, cleavers, hammers, shurikens, razor blades, kunai, chainsaws and much more.

Create a magnificent world with enough space for a futuristic future where the player will have to go through hordes of city bosses, upgrade their skills and fight for the right to exist in this world of neon signs, bionic body parts and amazing weapons. In addition, you have the opportunity to use any editor convenient for you that can work with files such as PSD and PNG, just like Adobe Photoshop.

  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 32×32;
  • Quantity: 40 Icons.

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