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There was a 500 error in the admin center and in the public part of the site after moving from php 7.4.23 to 8.1.6 and upgrading Invision Community from to 4.7.11.

Find in page 198:
public function getLastCommentTime()
Replaced by:
public function getLastCommentTime( \IPS\Member $member = NULL )

Find in page 718:
public function contentImages( $limit = NULL )
$attachments = parent::contentImages( $limit ) ?: array();
Replaced by:
public function contentImages( $limit = NULL, $ignorePermissions = FALSE )
$attachments = parent::contentImages( $limit, $ignorePermissions ) ?: array();

Template error (edit every installed template on the site).
Find in membermap > front > markers > groupRow

{{if method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}}
Replaced by:
{{if $table AND method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}}
This is a dead application. All features have been removed from this version simply to make it uninstallable on IPS 4.7 and PHP8.

The new one can be found here. There is an import tool in the new app to migrate your stuff over


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