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This plugin will display the country flag of user in several places of the entire suite, including third-party resources. It uses the Geolocation to grab the country when a new user register an account or when existing users logs in on your board. Clicking on the flag will give you a list of all users from that country.

Important Notice:
  • IPS Geolocation is an active license perk so you need to have an active license to countries get picked by IP Address.
  • New members: new members will have their country detected when they register the account
  • Existing members: Country will be recognized when member is online or if allowed by the admin, go to Account Settings and pick your country.
  • Display country flag everywhere: will display the country flag in several places from official apps like on Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Pages, Gallery, Downloads, including its widgets and third-party resources. If disabled, will display the country name + flag only on user profile.
  • Groups allowed to change the country: users from selected groups will be able to change their country on Account Settings. Sometimes Geolocation picks an wrong country, so the user will be able to fix it.

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