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You cannot create external giveaways or giveaways scheduled for future dates with the plugin. The plugin only allows you to create giveaways related to topics and use the information within.

For example, it enables you to list users who reacted to Topic A or made comments.

Plugin Features:
  1. Each user can automatically draw their own topics.
  2. Users can choose the type of giveaway, whether based on reactions, comments, or both.
  3. Users can select the deadline for participation.
  4. Users can determine the number of winners.
  5. Users can set the number of backup winners.
  6. If authorized, users can create a Custom Title.
  • Can view the giveaway page.
  • Can create giveaways.
  • Can create a Custom Title.
  • Authority to react
  • Can delete giveaways.
  • Can Hard delete giveaways.
  • Can change the giveaway title.
  • Can restore deleted giveaways.
Admin Panel:
  • Ability to set a minimum number of participants.
  • Sending notifications to (All participants, Winners, Backup winners).
  • Determining the forums where giveaways can be conducted.
  • Raffle sitemap added.



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