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Here is the Night Forest Isometric Tileset. The collection is perfect for creating a small themed location, level map or even an entire RPG adventure. Use this set to fully immerse your players in a spooky and mysterious adventure in the forest at night. The set consists of: tiles (3 types with numbers, 3 trees of different levels, 7 meadow, 6 water, large and small bridges), stairs, flowers, totems, treasure, bag and gold, 4 types of signs and much more. The colorful yet mystical contrasting color scheme perfectly complements the theme of the game asset packs.

The design is available both in PNG format and in the original vector format, editable in any vector editor, such as Adobe Illustrator. There you can not only scale the game assets, but also completely change their design and color scheme.

  • Graphics: 2D, Isometry;
  • Archive with files: AI, EPS, PNG.

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