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Featured groups
  • Profile settings
  • Possibility to set a "badge" in the profile
  • Selecting a badge design
  • Topics settings
  • Ability to set a ribbon in replies
  • Homepage settings
  • Possibility to set up a badge on the homepage
  • Premium page settings
  • Column setting option
  • Select background color and text for permissions
  • Selecting an icon for permissions
  • List of permissions that are displayed on the subpage
  • View board
  • Display name changes
  • Search flood control
  • Can be ignored
  • Can post anonymously
  • Hide online list
  • Can upload attachments
  • Maximum storage for each submission
  • Can delete attachments
  • Can create polls
  • Can vote in polls
  • Can close own polls
  • Highlight replies
  • Can use tags
  • Can use prefixes
  • Can change rating
  • Can give star ratings for content
  • Can edit own content
  • Can edit silently
  • Can hide own content
  • Can delete own content
  • Max items of content (posts, comments, etc.)
  • Bypass automatic moderation
  • Can lock and unlock own content
  • Bypass flood control
  • Bypass content moderation
  • Can promote to social media
  • Can edit profile information
  • Allow animated profile photos
  • Can upload a cover photo
  • Maximum cover photo size
  • Can view Display Name History
  • Conversations allowed to start per day
  • Conversations allowed to start per minute
  • Maximum recipients per conversation
  • Conversation storage quota
  • Can upload attachments in messages
  • Override recipients' storage quota
  • Maximum number of reactions allowed to give
  • Can view who reacted
  • Can post status updates
  • Can import status updates
  • And group permissions from the Members Shop application



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