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Introducing Power Station Enemy Sprite Sheets, which has enough resources to boost your game in the rankings. Power plants can be dangerous places, and it’s no surprise that they often attract enemies looking to create trouble. The six high quality characters contained in this pack are no exception. They will definitely come in handy for your 2D game project to keep the players on their toes, especially if the main action takes place near the power plant.

The original set contains:
  • Big robot cutters;
  • Flying mini-bot;
  • A man with an electric gun;
  • A woman controlling electrical discharges;
  • Electrician;
  • Electrician with a key.

Each sprite is carefully crafted to fit perfectly into your game, with attention to detail in movement and attack animations. Various types of attacks, death, hurt, idle, walk and other animations, which are stored in the file as sprite sheets. Also, it is perfectly combined with many genres of the modern 2D gaming industry (RPG, adventure, simulators, runners, platformers, shooters, etc.). However, you can use Adobe Photoshop or another graphic editor to make adjustments or specific changes to this set.

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