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Introducing this full of variety Prisoner Character Sprites Pixel Art. It will be a great addition to your 2D game project. And thanks to the popular Pixel Art style, you can integrate it into many popular game genres (RPG, Adventure, Roguelike, Action, Runner, Platformer, Combat, etc.). Here we collected 6 high- quality characters, which are perfect for creating a game about criminals or a level in which the player will have to fight with the leaders of various gangs in prison. All characters have different structure, skin color, clothes and other elements.

In addition, each of the prisoners has their own, cool and individual set of different movement animations (Attack, Death, Hurt, Idle, Walk). All of them are stored in this package, in the form of sprite sheets, in size 288×48. In addition, one of its main advantages is that it can be easily edited or changed in any graphics editor. For example, in such as Adobe Photoshop, or similar in functionality.

  • Quantity: 6 characters;
  • Graphics: Pixel Art;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.
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