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We are glad to present you this Resources for Cyberpunk Topic Pixel Art 32×32 Icon Pack. It has all the necessary resources to create an amazing 2D cyberpunk game project. This pack contains 40 beautifully prepared icons that are ready to surprise your players with their variety and high-quality appearance. Among them, you can find: metal rods, iron spheres, pistons, batteries, springs, spark plugs, batteries, bearings, brake discs, parts of a teleportation mechanism, buttons, crystals, wrenches, iron ingots, drills and much more that will fill your game world, a fun variation of the futuristic cyberpunk world.

You can make these items as difficult to access as possible. As a result, players understand that by obtaining these resources, in a battle with monsters or bosses, they can craft a good weapon or part of a bionic body. RPGs, runners, platformers, side-scrollers, turn-based strategies and many other genres of the 2D gaming industry are great for this set. And using any of the graphic editors suitable for you, such as Adobe Photoshop, you can easily change and adapt the structure of this set, strictly according to your desires. For example, integrate additional color shades, add more neon details, etc.‌

  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 32×32;
  • Quantity: 40 Icons.