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RPG Fairy Skill Icons – a pack of 50 skills with a resolution of 512×512 pixels. The set is suitable for developers of 2D games in different genres – card games, action, MMORPG, JRPG, action, novels and others. The set includes the following abilities: animal / plant control, spell casting, restorative magic, sound control, spell for luck – four leaf clover and much more. This set allows you to make your characters unique by giving them their own skills and abilities.
Also, you can use RPG Fairy skill icons to create character upgrades, such as strength, magic, luck, various effects. Create new or upgrade old characters, giving them new abilities and updating the appearance of skill icons. Adobe Photoshop is suitable for editing, changing parameters, parts of icons, the color of graphics in whole or in part.

  • Graphics: 2D, Raster;
  • Quantity: 50 pieces;
  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Resolution: 512×512.

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