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Before you RPG Greaves Icons. Use this expanded collection of greaves icons to create a complete wardrobe for your characters. The set includes fifty pairs of trousers, among which you can find armor for a warrior, loose trousers for a bard, a traditional elven lower part of the suit and much more. You can easily find something suitable for any race (gnomes, humans, orcs, etc.) and class (thief, wizard, paladin, archer, etc.). Change the color scheme to match the style of your game. Make your design more unique by changing the original icon. Simple 2D graphics are editable in any raster editor such as Adobe Photoshop. The badges will become an indispensable resource for the wardrobe of the main character of medieval or fantasy games in the Action-RPG genre. Delight your players by adding additional effects from clothes or additional mechanics.

All icons with backgrounds are 512×512. In icons with no background, each item has a different size.

  • Graphics: 2D, 512×512;
  • Quantity: 50 different pants icons;
  • Formats: PSD, PNG.

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