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Below you will find Sewerage Character Enemies Pixel Art. The pack includes animated characters as opponents, villains, or rivals in the sewer location. The collection contains 6 unique characters: giant rat monsters, three men wearing masks, weapons, and a fighting machine. Each of them has a fantastic animation (Attack, Death, Hurt, Idle, Walk).

All graphics are made up of sprite sheets (48 pixels high). Edit the color scheme and modify villains in graphic editors like Adobe Photoshop. You can easily customize the color scheme, draw additional variants of sprite parts, change the color of graphics and much more. The characters are perfect for different genres of 2D games such as RPG (action, rogue, MMORP, CRPG), text novels, action platformers or card games.

  • Graphics: 2D, Pixel Art;
  • Formats: PSD and PNG.
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