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This is Shield 3D Low Poly Pack. This pack of 3D shield models primarily focuses on creative decor and design. We decided to move away from the classic shield shape and canonical decor, and made it more unique and suitable for medieval and fantasy themes. Due to this, it can be used for any classes from elves to gnomes.

The collection will organically fit into the RPG genre or real-time strategy in 3D Low Poly graphics. The set will be useful for both experienced game developers and beginners in indie development. Depending on whether they will use shields for their intended purpose of protection or add new mechanics and properties to them, they can have different properties: magic, invisibility, damage or any other combat skill, extended viewing radius.

Please pay attention! You can always change and transform the original low poly graphics template. Transform 3D shapes or add new elements, convert color scheme and texture atlas of shield models.

  • Graphics: 3D, Low Poly;
  • Quantity: 20 items;
  • Format: FBX and textures in PNG format.


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