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Here are Ship and Coast Battle Game Backgrounds, which are perfect for creating a cool and unusual 2D game. There are 4 exceptionally beautiful and high-quality backgrounds here, that you can use not only to create a new game, but also to improve the existing one. They are designed in wide-scale resolution of 3840×2160, thanks to which it can be used in many genres of the 2D industry. For example: RPG, action games, adventure games, arena battles, MMO-RPG, etc.

The original package contains:
  • Rocky Shores;
  • Sandy Beach;
  • Ship Deck;
  • Ship Hold.

Use this pack to create a wonderful world full of combat battles, interesting locations and levels, with a beautiful, and most importantly, high-quality background. Other than that, you can easily modify or customize to suit your game style. For example, you can add new elements, make colors more saturated, etc.

  • Quantity: 4 backgrounds;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.

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