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Introducing Skull and Bone Pixel Art Icons. Among the remains of real and mythological creatures, you will find icons with: skulls (including a unicorn, griffin, monsters, humans and even the devil), ribs, spines, teeth and fangs, claws, whole bones and their fragments. The ways of using the icons are quite numerous and varied, such as: a possible place to find loot or treasures, the place where the enemy (mob) or the player was defeated, material for crafting (making amulets, weapons, clothing, armor and much more), door opening key, puzzles, reward or achievement. All this opens up a wide range for the development of your RPG, quest or card game from graphics in pixel art style.

Make changes to the original icon templates, transform and edit their sizes and tones in Photoshop or any other raster editor. They will definitely be remembered by your players!

  • Graphics: 2D, pixel art;
  • Quantity: 48 pieces;
  • Format: PNG, PSD;
  • Resolution: 32×32.

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