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Snow City Tileset Pixel Art is a set of graphic elements created in the popular Pixel Art style for developers of 2D computer games or other projects related to the winter city. This package consists of many different graphics: 78 winter level tiles (32×32), night and day background (576×324), various animated objects (card, money, chest), as well as snowmen, snow slides, ice icicles, boxes, car, houses, garlands and other elements that match the theme of the set.

Create an interesting level or game in which you will need to complete various quests, fight various creatures of the ice kingdom, etc. This pack is great for integration into many genres of the 2D industry (runners, RPGs, platformers, fighting games, quests, etc.). Thanks to the popular pixel art style, if you wish, you can easily edit the structure and appearance of this package. For example, change the size of the background, add shadows, integrate new details, or just leave everything in the original. For editing, it is better to use any graphic editor.

  • Format: PNG, PSD.
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