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We present to your attention magnificent Street Food for Cyberpunk Pixel Art 32×32 Icons. This is a high-quality set of graphic elements to create an attractive and diverse world. This pack contains a lot of amazing items, among which you can find: broken plates, toes, pizza, bars (open and closed), burgers, cocktails, coffee, alcohol, drinks in iron cans and more. Each of these images boasts its unique style, making them ideal for integration into various game engines such as Phaser, Godot, Solar 2D, Cocos 2D, GDevelop, etc.

Use this set to create fun adventures, fast runners, sequential RPGs, exciting quests, epic battles and more. These icons will constantly attract the attention of a new audience. Furthermore, the basic Adobe Photoshop editor is at your disposal for crafting the design and structure you desire. It will allow you to perfectly suit your vision, imagination, and project requirements.

  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 32×32;
  • Quantity: 40 Icons.

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