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This Street Snacks Pixel Art 32×32 Icon Pack has been prepared to help you create that exciting world that has a place for diverse and exciting content. In this pack, you can find a lot of useful icons that have a high quality structure and great variety. In the archive, 40 amazing icons are stored, in a resolution of 32×32. Among them, you can find: chips, crackers, ice cream, juices, cakes, milk, spice jars, empty bottles and water bottles, french fries, hot dogs, sweets, chocolates, muffins and more. Use this set to create a fun world where the player can craft, find new items, fight city monsters, sewer bosses, and gradually discover the cyberpunk world around them.

Due to the popular pixel art style used here, you can easily use it in many popular genres of the modern 2D gaming industry, including runners, platformers, strategies, adventures, survivals, side-scrollers, MMOs and many others. In addition, you can use any graphics editor that works with PSD, PNG files and simply create the structure that will attract the attention of your players.

  • Format: PSD, PNG;
  • Size: 32×32;
  • Quantity: 40 Icons.

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