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We would like to draw your focus to this Summoning Skills Icon Pack, which is carefully prepared to help you create a unique world filled with magic and mythical creatures. Embark on a journey by choosing from 48 unique summon icons that span both offensive and defensive abilities. From Summon Majestic Cobra, which causes the fury of a poison, to Summon Familiar, which materializes a loyal companion, each skill is depicted in a unique way. Thus, illustrating its potential impact on the game world. These icons unlock the arcane arts, allowing your players to embody a wide variety of creatures and entities in fantasy and role-playing games.

In addition, they are designed in the popular 256×256 resolution. This allows them to be used in most of the known genres of the modern 2D industry, including RPG, runner, card game, adventure, quest, MMORPG and others. Each pixel has been carefully crafted to create icons that echo the mystique of summoning, ready to be incorporated into your RPGs, user interfaces, or spellbooks. And as a bonus, you can edit the appearance and general structure of each icon at any time. Starting from adjusting their size and ending with changing the color range.

  • Quantity: 48 different icons;
  • Graphics: 2D, Vector;
  • Format: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Resolution: 256×256.

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