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This is a formally private add-on, which has been used on Sufficient Velocity and Space Battles for nearly 2 years now.

For watchers of a thread, send alerts when the Thread starter/Original Poster replies to their thread with a post above a permission-based threshold for the thread starter
  • Opt-out for Thread Starter alerts.
  • Integration into Watched Threads email notifications
  • Add "Followed user" alerts support for Watched Forums
    • Per-forum user opt-in
    • Send an alert/email when a user who is followed posts a new thread
  • Fully Phrased
  • Compatible with Persistent Alerts 2.0.x
  • Integrates with Threadmarks Pro add-on
  • Integrates with Collaborative Threads add-on
  • Integrates with Watched Threads Filtering
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  • Requires Word Count Search add-on.
  • Thread Starter Alerts
  • Min post word count for Thread Starter Alerts