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Top Down Fire and Explosion Sprites Pixel Art is a set that consists of various high quality fire and explosion effects. Creators of military-themed 2D pixel games can use it to complete the scene of firefights where destroyed houses, cars and tanks explode and burn.

In the kit you will find:
  • 3 types of fire elements for roof animations;
  • Various fire and smoldering animations;
  • 4 types of explosion animation;
  • All animations in the archive are stored as sprites.

This set will be a great addition to your game project. After all, you can create a more realistic battle, a destroyed street or even an entire city that burn and explode from destructions. Players will definitely appreciate these effects in your game. In addition, you can easily edit all elements of the set in Adobe Photoshop (for example, change the color or shape).

The set includes only fire effects.

  • Format: PSD, PNG.
Demo animation:




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