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Introducing Top Down Trucks and Cars Pixel Art Asset Pack for your game project. This is a set of modern graphics in the style of pixel art, 2D TDS genre. It is perfect for creators of military shooters, action games and adventures.

Here you will find a set of various cars, namely:
  • Bus (three types);
  • Fire car;
  • Police car;
  • Taxi;
  • Ambulance;
  • Truck (5 types);
  • Pickup truck;
  • Gazelle;
  • Limousine;
  • Variety of passenger cars;
  • Different colors of cars (green, marsh, orange, blue, black, etc.);
  • Different color of CARGO;
  • Asset of broken cars.

Add uniqueness to your level by placing whole and broken cars on it. Or use a fire truck, police cars and an ambulance to create a level where the fire station is overrun by enemies. Players will clearly appreciate the quality of these graphics and their variety. Also, you can edit all asset elements in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Graphics: pixel art, 2d;
  • Format: PSD, PNG.

Pay attention! The set does not include military equipment, soldiers, effects shown on the first preview. This is a demo scene.


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