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Introducing the Turrets Asset Pack for Merge Shooter. A valuable resource for developers seeking to enhance their 2D action games. This comprehensive pack revolutionizes gameplay by introducing elements of excitement and tactical depth. Within this exceptional collection, you’ll discover a diverse range of turrets meticulously designed to elevate your gaming experience. From cutting-edge laser cannons and bubble launchers to rapid-firing and electrifying firearms. A wide selection of turrets awaits, empowering players to unleash destructive firepower upon their adversaries.

This pack offers versatile application across various popular 2D game genres, thanks to its utilization of vector graphics. This comprehensive set caters to RPGs, action games, turn-based adventures, runners, strategies, tower defense games, and more. Each turret in the pack boasts exceptional quality animation created using the Spine program. With distinct characteristics, firing patterns, and upgrade paths, the turrets provide a unique experience for players. Furthermore, the vector-based nature of the assets allows for effortless customization and resizing using vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator. Thus, enabling the addition of new details to the package.

  • Graphics: Vector;
  • Formats: AI, EPS, PNG;
  • Animation created in Spine;
  • Quantity: 10 assets.
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