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You can free User Criteria by Xon

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This add-on adds additional user criteria designed to help spot spam bots, and other misc tasks.
  • User has set website
  • Time between registration and last visit in X days
  • User has gravatar avatar
  • User has no gravatar avatar
  • User ban reason contains X (Requires additional SQL queries)
  • Has posted in the last X days (min/max)
  • User has added at least X tags (min/max) (Requires additional SQL queries)
  • User has created at least X resolved reports (min/max) (Requires additional SQL queries)
  • User has no (active only/or include expired) warnings in the last X months. (Requires additional SQL queries)
  • User has less than X (active only/or include expired) warning points (Requires additional SQL queries)
  • User has two-step verification enabled/disabled (As part of user search)


  • PHP 7.2.0+
  • Standard Library by Xon v1.9.0+

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